#Focus – March Engineering – The 721 “G”

Let’s talk about March Engineering and let’s introduce the March 721 “G”. If you’re a March “insider” you will understand the type which stands for 1972 “Formula 1” but what the hell does the “G” stands for ?

March 721 "X"
March 721 “X”

Well, this will come and we will let you know later. March Engineering started the 1972 season with the March 721 “X” for experimental. The car featured an all new suspension design and the gearbox, instead of being put after the rear axle, it was simply put before it. The theory was good but the car proved to have a disastrous handling even if having 2 rising stars at the wheels, Lauda and Peterson.

After three races, March Engineering decided to retire its all new design and then came the March 721 “G”. The G actually stands for “Guiness Book of Records” as it was build in just over 9 days by Robin Herd and his team.

The car wasn’t all new, it was basically a March 722 Formula 2 chassis fitted with larger fuel tanks and a Ford DFV engine. And the design remained for the rest of the season.

Featured here is the Ex Mike Beuttler car and chassis 721-G-1 then owned and driven by English driver “Crazy Frank”. It is see here at Simon Hadfield Motorsport during the completion of its restoration prior to the first outing of the car during the 2012 Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

IMG_0172 copie
721 “G”
IMG_0179 copie
721 “G”
IMG_0202 copie
721 “G”

Thanks to Simon Hadfield Motorsport for the time.

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