#RemiDargegen – Not your average Tuesday.

All pictures © Rémi Dargegen Photography

Flashback Friday let’s say and well, invited again to a special day at sunny Donington Park in the UK last week for a trackday like no other, here is a little selection of pictures by the great Rémi Dargegen. Once again, his eye captured the great atmosphere and beauty of the cars that were driven around on that day.

It felt like back in 1970 with the Porsche 917K, Ferrari 512S and Lola T70 Mk3 B taking the track but also, the later Group C Porsche 956s and Jaguar XJR12 reminded me of the heydays of the World Sports Car Championship. All this being days I’ve never witnessed other than on videos and books so thanks to our host and Moto Historics for making it a Tuesday like no other.

Enjoy, Louis.

All pictures © Rémi Dargegen Photography

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