#Ride – The ELF 3

Next stop was the ELF 3. Guiter asked race manager Serge Rosset and engineer Dan Trema to work on a new design following de Cortanze departure. The whole group now started looking for results. Rosset and Trema collaborated to the ELF 3.


Powered by the Honda NS500 GP engine the bike was to have Brit’ Ron Haslam, the 1985 fifth standing rider in the championship the previous year. A great and promising package.

The results were there from the start of the season with Ron claiming world championship points in the first round of the 1986 season at Jarama, Spain. Ongoing season testing and the talent of rider Haslam proved a magic combo with the French team. 

elf3-03 elf3-05

The Anglo-French team claiming the ninth position at the end of the season ahead of the works Suzuki team. The lesson learnt that year was that a radical and alternative design combined with a well-working team and rider could work.

A secret agreement was then signed between Elf and Honda to evaluate the patented design on production bikes and a definitive agreement was signed in 1987 with the first production Honda bearing the single-sided swingarm (Officially named “Pro-Arm”) already on the public market by the time and materialized through the 1986 Honda VFR 750.


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